Monday, 12 January 2009

January in England is a miserable month for photo taking!

Like many of my fellow Photo Bloggers here in England I'm struggling to stay inspired. The weather has been bitterly cold, today was the first day in over a week that it was above freezing, people are ice skating on lakes, ponds, rivers.. ice skating! unheard of! The sky is grey, and within minutes of leaving the house I'm ready to return and get that kettle on. I'm seriously lacking in fresh content but I will force myself out there, an ugly, bleak wintery photo is still a representation of this beautiful town held captive in a ugly, bleak winter.

This photo is taken from the "cattle pens" looking up the High Street past the Old Gaol and toward the Town Hall.

High Street


Ruby said...

A nice photo though, despite the typical January lack of UV light to warm up colours. It shows the street just as it is.

I noticed on your other pics you are actually managing to catch some winter sunlight, which is no mean feat. Whenever I see the sun I grab my camera, but it's almost always gone by the time I've got it out!

Lovely blog, and lol @ 2smug married2 in your profile!!

Sharon said...

The color on the building trims and the signs is a nice contradiction to the gray sky.

Jarart said...

But still a pretty street scene that reflects the coldness of the day.

MaCoBra said...

The whole setting, weather and atmosphere look very English winter scenary.. (to me).