Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Changing Views: Jan

I'm taking a page from Marley at Cheltenham Daily Photo and Dusty Lens at North Metro and Beyond.... I'm sure there are others doing this too... I'm going to attempt to remember to take a photo in this location during the second week of the month, every month! I love the idea of watching how this scene might change.

The photo is taken from the old Cattle Pens or Bullring as it's also known, looking down to the Old Gaol.

changing views 1

*edit* Ruby over at York Daily Photo has joined in as well!


Sharon said...

I like that idea. We will get to see the trees bud out and then turn a lush green.

Jarart said...

Excellent idea! That will be fun to see.

i'm Carrie, lovely to meet you… said...

Awesome idea!! That will be cool to see. More and more, this makes me want to do one similar where I live :)

marley said...

Then there were four!

Glad to see people going for this idea. I'm an inspiration! Lol :)

Theresa said...

My neighbors have a lovely cherry tree which I can see from my kitchen window and I love to watch it grow through its cycles throughout the year and have always thought about capturing it in this way. Maybe this should have been my resolution.

Ruby said...

Lovely view to choose for this. I shall look forward to watching how it changes. Thanks for the link :-)