Saturday, 7 February 2009

the Post Office

the post office

and bonus photo: the snowpostie :D



Chuckeroon said...

So, I see that "Buckingham's getting it"......worse than Richmond by yhte looks of things.

Thank for dropping in on the Coot.

Anonymous said...

I am pleased that you got some much needed snow. We still have some to send your way. In fact too much. I like your photo.

Thecraftytrundler said...

Only Buckingham, could have a postie like that!! I think he's getting famous, as I was emailed a picture of him yesterday!!
It's great getting these pics, we don't get the chance very often!!

Sharon xx

Jilly said...

Love the proportions of the building and so beautiful with the snow. Pretty nice snowman too!

Jarart said...

The snow postie made me laugh! Thanks for that. Beautiful post office too.

marley said...

Very cool. You've got a grand looking P.O and I love the snowman postie. I saw a postman on his bike today wearing shorts! Brave man!

Joy said...

What a smart looking postie! Wish they all looked like that :D

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