Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The New Inn

Taken on a very cold Sunday morning.
The New Inn


Dusty Lens said...

I like the lighting in ths photo; looks like an excellent place to grab a couple of Guinnesses.

I find the sign on the far left curious; is there a problem with vehicles falling into water?

marley said...

Dusty lens is always on the look out for a Guiness! Nice shot here.

Thanks for your visit to Cheltenham Daily Photo :)

Percy said...

Great photo, I think I will have to find out how you put the wording on the bottom of your photo's. Is it hard? or tome consuming?

I rode my cycle to Buckingham once from Oxford there is a very special place in Buckingham that I should tell you about...

Sarah D said...

Dusty Lens: yes! The street that runs along the side of this pub is called "Ford Street", the river runs along the back and while "Ford Street" can in theory be used when water levels are extremely low... I've never seen them low enough. There is a pedestrian bridge that will take you over the river though.

Percy: I use photoshop to rotate & crop my images... so while I'm there I add a text layer on to the photo. It won't stop someone determined to share your work but I figure it can't hurt either.