Sunday, 21 September 2008

Old Gaol detail

Old Gaol detail


valeria said...

Hi, Buckingham looks really lovely. I read your profile. I am curious to know why you wouldn't ever go back to sunny California. I have always been in love with Britain but never lived there... English are always complaining the lack of sun. What did you find there that balance this?
Oh, I was forgetting. Thank you for your comment on my VeronaDP!!

Jilly said...

beautiful old building. I do like your choices of subjects to photograph.

Anonymous said...

What a palatial place this photo depicts. I love your photography. I imagine it will be an inspiration to a lot of people who see it.

Sarah D said...

valeria: the US us a very different way of life than England. I don't like the materialistic, and fast, and modernness of it all compared to the rural idle I live in now. I feel I can breathe and more importantly appreciate life here. But yes, consistent sunshine and warmth are quite nice!

jilly: thank you!

abe: thank you as well... I'm of to check all your blogs now!