Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Davey Bros.

Davey Bros.
I wish I knew more (or anything) about this place. I know it has a story to tell.


carole and julie said...

where is the building at? i see it turned into a home. i'm really into rehabbing existing buildings. i hope you can find out the history of it. love the gas pumps on each side of the door.

Sarah D said...

Location is on Well Street... nearby Buckingham's best Fish & Chips bar. I have now heard the rumour that it was to be transformed into a cafe/wine bar... but I think that rumour is years old.

ARMCOANDY290 said...

This garage was open until the early 90's. At the time I was an apprentice at another nearby garage and used to go there to collect parts etc as the Daveys also ran a car parts accessory shop from the building directly across the road.
Towards the end of the 1990's there was some discussion about it being used by a charity run cart racing project for local teenagers which I was involved in but, although the project went ahead, it did not use the garage in the end. At the time Terry Davey showed us around the inside of the property and I can remember the fantastic ornate period ceilings and other features in there.
When the garage closed in the early 90's the family moved their operation to West End garage in School lane where they still trade from today. They are really nice approachable people and I'm sure that they would tell you more about Well Street garage if you visited them.