Monday, 15 September 2008

Chantry Chapel: Norman door

Chantry Chapel door
Oldest building in Buckingham.


Mandy said...

It appears to be fenced off. Is the bridge it stands on still used?

Tanya said...

Wow! It's old is it?

babooshka said...

It is so striking close up.

Sarah D said...

Hi Mandy, the chapel is nestled in amongst other buildings and this fence just separates the property from the neighbouring drive, etc. There's no bridge here (unless you're talking bridge in a sense I'm not aware of). This is not my photo but you can get a better sense of the space it occupies perhaps.

Tanya the building is 15th Century, restored in the late 19th Century by Sir George Gilbert Scott.

Ackworth Born said...

Your reply to mandy is very interesting - I always thought the definition of a "chantry" was a "church on a bridge". I am most familiar with the one at Wakefield.

Sarah D said...

How very curious Ackworth Born! I learn something new everyday. I've found nothing referencing any bridge and the river is a fair distance away. It's owned by the National Trust but I found this page has some decent information about the history of the building.

Ackworth Born said...

I did a bit of googling too and now realise that chantries are not always on bridges.
I was at one time fascinated by "chantry bridges" of which there are only a few in the country.
I didn't realise that were chantries without bridges.
We learn a lot through blogging
aka Hyde Daily Photo
aka Ackworth born