Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Town Hall

looking up the High Street towards Town Hall

town hall buckingham

sorry gang the back injury was a lot more extensive then I had originally thought! Sadly I wasn't doing anything fun or exciting when the injury happened :(

I'm healed for the most part, at least I can walk again... and I'm off to France on Friday for a week. I'll schedule posts but if I don't respond to comments it's because I'm too busy soaking up the beauty of the Dordogne and perhaps a bit drunk on wine.


Elizabeth said...

Oh you poor thing. I didn't realize your back was as bad as that. x

marley said...

I like the swan (?) on top of the Town Hall.

Enjoy your trip. Rest and relaxation will do you good. And a drink or two will help!

Emerson said...

And thats the place i worked a lot ! i was working at the villiers hotel and most of weddings where organised at the town hall... I remember the sundays working there to clean the mess !! I had fights with hundreds of chair, lots of table too...