Sunday, 14 June 2009


One of Buckingham's many restaurants. While the food is great here... I miss "The Tudor" pub that previously occupied this space.



Iota said...

How on earth did that extension get past the local planning committee? It's horrendous.

Boise Diva said...

I thought pubs lasted forever.

Jarart said...

Interesting additions on the building. What a beautiful day!

Leif Hagen said...

It looks to be an Italian restaurant, right? Love your photos of pubs and restaurants. Regards from EAGAN daily photo

Eric Salsbery said...

the traditional pub is going the way of the dodo unfortunately. Most of the pubs are going for the sports bar or posh restaurant style.
I loved having a Sunday morning fry up at the Friar Tuck in Arnold, Nottingham.
But that was trending toward the sports bar before I moved back stateside. I wonder if it is a full sports bar yet.

Sarah D said...

Iota: horrible isn't it? At least they never touched the original building inside or out.

Boise Diva: sadly with the economy and smoking ban... less and less of the traditional pub remain.

Jarat: we have had some lovely weather this month :)

Leif: yes, Italian! Thank you for visiting... I'm off to view EAGANdp now.

Eric: So many of the pubs in town now cater to the University crowd and concentrate on happy hours and alco-pops. Sad to say as well that the smoking ban drove many of the older custom away... oooh a SLC dp blog! I love SLC!