Friday, 21 May 2010

Buckingham Railway Walk

Part of the Buckingham Circular walk, the Railway Walk is an oasis for wildlife in the middle of Buckingham. The path runs along the old railway line, which was dismantled in 1967.
The line is now completely overgrown and provides a nice wet woodland walk, with much of the original track below water. This is a nice, calm and cool place on a hot summer's day.

Railway Walk

Railway Walk

The walk also features a pond which is full of wildlife:
Railway Walk

You can still see the original platform here:
Railway Walk

You can read more about the railway line in Buckingham on wikipedia.


peter_thirlby said...

Have you found the St Rumbold spring near the Railway Walk?

Sarah D said...

I ashamed to admit that I have not... either I didn't venture far enough or I missed it all together.