Friday, 7 August 2009

Dear Employer,

Today you received my formal written notification of my intent to resign my position as Store Manager. Since I have worked for you specifically, I have no time to blog anymore. If I don't blog my readers forget about me. If my readers forget about me, they stop leaving me lovely comments. When I don't get that lovely "full inbox" I get unhappy. When I'm unhappy I eat a lot. When I eat a lot I get fat. When I'm fat it affects your company image. When your company's image is affected, trade is also affected. When business is down, you become unhappy. When you're unhappy I assume you will eat a lot, like me. When you eat a lot, I'm afraid you will become fat, like me.

So you see, it's a vicious cycle. I have done this for your own good, because I care for you and the company.

Happy trails,



Elizabeth said...

Is that right Sarah? are you really resigning? I know it's been stressful in that job.

Your post was delightfully written -- like reading a suspense novel and wondering how it will all end. x

Leif Hagen said...

Good luck with your next chapter, Sarah! Looking forward to your photos!

Sarah D said...

Thank you both! Today was a very good day!!!

Iota said...

So you're going to be taking photos and blogging full-time?

marley said...

What a wise decision! Good to see you back :)