Sunday, 23 November 2008


Buckingham's newest Italian restaurant. Quite good food in a fabulous location and in a building dripping with character. All of that being said I did prefer it when it was "the Tudor" Public House and it looked slightly more grimey and rundown!


I found this old photo of the Tudor... taken in Dec of 2004 I believe.
The Tudor


Hilda said...

I love the building!

angela said...

The building's gorgeous but it's funny to see the italian name on it.
Is the food good?

Sarah D said...

I've only eaten there once but yes... the food was delicious!

Eva G said...

This is something I've seen with a lot of the new Prezzo restaurants whereby they look specifically for historic buildings/locations for new venues which I think adds a nice individual touch to their restaurants.

And yes the food is delicious...